Saying “Thank You” and “Wow”

What the pilgrims saw and experienced on our last day on Iona, causing us to say “thank you” and “wow” 

  • the priest’s invitation to Leslie to administer the chalice at the early morning Eucharist at Bishop’s chapel
  • the friendly and warm people Inez encountered as she walked
  • Guide David’s knowledge as he led a group hike to “back of the ocean” – including wee daisies turned to face the sun, golden lichen on the grey rocks, tiny flowers that are ingredients for medicines, crushing thyme leaves so we could smell the herb’s aroma, Highland cattle of many colors, snails galore, and limpet shells that will become sand
  • jousting sheep jockeying for position in the meadow outside the Columba Inn, visible as live entertainment during dinner
  • the incredibly beautiful light on houses across the water and on buildings down the hill on Iona
  • the evening peace and reconciliation liturgy at Iona Abbey, including a reading from Philadelphian Shane Claiborne and two favourite hymns: “I the Lord of Sea and Sky” and “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”


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