One in the Spirit

Today marks one week since we all joined together in Glasgow to begin our pilgrimage. Our group of twelve celebrates friendship, community, and experiences of faith which grow daily. We came with different experiences, from different places and with different expectations of what this pilgrimage would be for us. Combining our individual observations and interpretations of activities each day through our common worship and reflection, our concerns and our joy, has added a richness to life which could not have been foretold. Even the bus we
are riding in has a slogan on the side which says “Bringing People Together.” We are one in the Spirit and one in the Lord. I think there is a hymn…..

Today, following St. Cuthbert’s path, we visited the ruins of Melrose Abbey where he studied and became a monk. We crossed southern Scotland to Northern England, going down single track lanes bordered with hedgerows, slipping through villages of stone with roses blooming everywhere, to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne where we have walked through the ruins of the priory where St. Cuthbert was Bishop, hiked up the bluffs overlooking the North Sea and overlooked the causeway to see St. Cuthbert’s Island. Our arrival here in early afternoon was timed to cross the causeway before the tide came in. That meant that many people who came to the island in the morning left as we arrived so as not to be stranded here. So, we are here without mobs of people on another rare and glorious sunny day. Shortly we will gather for our evening meal and prayers.

Peace be with you.
Leslie Ross