Whether you have been a member at St. Peter’s for decades or you are a new visitor, we invite you to attend one of our events or groups. You are sure to find a welcoming group and an inviting place to grow your faith and meet others.

For more information on any of our Fellowship Groups, call the church at 215-925-5968 or fill out our online request form. Some meetings times (but not all!) are posted on our calendar.

Exploring Your Faith

On most Sundays after the worship service, St. Peter’s invites you to stay and attend a class to grow and explore your faith. Some times there is a guest speaker, while other times the classes are more discussion-based. Several times a year we offer The Episcopal Way (a crash course in the Episcopal Church) and Foundations of Discipleship (exploring the fundamentals of Christian faith).

Twenties N’ Thirties

Twenties N’ Thirties (TNT) is an informal gathering of those in 20s, 30s, or thereabouts. We gather for fellowship and fun; it’s a great opportunity to get to know some others. Gatherings sometimes focus on our faith, with group reads and special Eucharist in the churchyard. Other gatherings are more social, with bowling night and pumpkin painting. Bring a friend and join us! You can sign up for the TNT email list here to get notices of upcoming events. 


Sages is an energetic group of retired parishioners who meet monthly on a Wednesday for lunch and discussion. Often the meeting is accompanied by a presentation from authors, leaders in the arts, and other people of interest. All ages are welcome to attend, and friends are always welcome.

Forties & Fifties (Via)

The name “Via” was chosen as the name of Forties & Fifties because of its translation as “the way,” which inspired images of a road or a shared path. Recognizing that faith-based friendships are powerful and life enriching, it symbolizes the journey that we are traveling together. We gather about once a month for lunch and other fun activities.

Morning Prayer Group

Start your day with Morning Prayer followed by conversation about life and faith, coffee and pastries at Eat, Pray, Laugh. All are welcome to participate. Tuesdays at 7:45 a.m. in the parlor of 313 Pine Street.

Churchyard Gardeners

Volunteers are needed to help prune seasonal plants, remove ivy, plant annuals, rake leaves, and general upkeep of the garden and grounds. The churchyard which surrounds St. Peter’s Church at 3rd and Pine Streets is a green oasis in the Society Hill neighborhood and is enjoyed by the entire community for its beautiful scenery and its history. No experience is necessary—our gardening group is a welcoming bunch! The group meets from March through November, generally once a month on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

Book Group

St. Peter’s Book Group meets on the first Tuesday of each month in a member’s home to discuss a book, movie or occasionally a play.


A group of parishioners gathers one Saturday a month (May through October) to gently and methodically clean some of the hundreds of headstones in our churchyard. The group is called “Taphophiles” — those with a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries and epitaphs. We use water and a safe, but effective solution (and a bit of scrubbing) to reveal the names, dates, prayers and messages which give us a brief glimpse into the lives of those who have preceded us here at St. Peter’s.

St. Peter’s Writers

Our lively, convivial group of scriveners meets twice a month to read, discuss, and support one another with our personal works of fiction, nonfiction, and essays. 

Tour Guides

We open the church for a few hours every Saturday and Sunday to welcome visitors to our historic site. Our volunteer guides have greeted thousands of wayfarers from all over the world.

"What knocks me out, time and again, is the way this parish connects. The ministries I have seen most are the liturgical ministries, the Food Cupboard, and the knitters, and I am continually stunned at the stories that come out in these groups. There are networks of relationships here, some of them decades old, but which have been welcoming and inclusive."
Marianne Lipson
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