All are welcome at God’s table. Gathering together in worship is the heart of our life at St. Peter’s. While our church building is closed at this time, we are holding worship services virtually and live streaming them on our YouTube page and stpetersphila.org/live. We look forward to the day when we can gather with one another again in St. Peter’s Church! But until that time, we can stay connected online and continue to worship together and support one another. Please join us.

Sunday Service

Our live stream worship is held every Sunday at 11 a.m. You can join us on our YouTube page or at www.stpetersphila.org/live.

Below is a video link to our most recent worship service.

You can click here to view our video library of all past live streamed services.

Morning & Evening Prayer

Join our live stream Morning Prayer every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 8:30 AM and Evening Prayer every Wednesday at 5 PM. You can join us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/stpetersphila.

Below is a video link to a recent prayer service. You can click here to view our video library of past live streamed Morning and Evening prayer.

For Children

Children and families gather on Zoom every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. for stories and worship. If you’d like to join us, email our Associate Rector Rev. Sarah Hedgis for the Zoom link.

Below is a link to a recent video for children. Rev. Claire and Rev. Sarah share the book “Candle Walk” by Karin Holsinger Sherman, a book about getting ready for the night based on the Episcopal Church’s Compline service. Ask your family if you can listen together before you get ready for bedtime!

FAQ about Virtual Services

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church broadcasts its services live on our YouTube page at www.youtube.com/stpetersphila. We want to make sure our videos and events are accessible to everyone and easy to find! Below are some commonly asked questions & answers. If you are having any difficulty viewing our events, please contact Lauri Cielo, St. Peter’s Director of Communications, at cielo@stpetersphila.org.

I don't have a YouTube account. Can I still watch the service?

When you visit the St. Peter’s YouTube page at www.youtube.com/stpetersphila, you might be asked to log in, but you don’t have to. Our St. Peter’s YouTube page is public, and open to everyone to see even without a password. In order to comment during the service, you will need a Gmail account.

I can see the video, but there is no sound. Why?

Sometimes the audio is automatically muted, and you have to “unmute” it to hear. Look in the lower left corner of the video for a small icon of a speaker (it might have a line or X through it). Click on that speaker to turn the audio on. If that doesn’t work, check the speaker on your computer or phone and make sure the volume there is on and turned up.

I'm on the YouTube page at the correct time, but I don't see any live stream video. Where is it?

Scroll down the page and look at the different posts until you find the live stream event. If you still don’t see it, refresh the web page (click the circular arrow at the top left corner of your web browser). You might have arrived early before the event began, and that’s why you need to refresh the page.

The video just stopped. How do I make it start again?

Sometimes that might happen. Just be patient and it will usually start up again, or try refreshing the webpage.

I don't want to use YouTube. Is there any other way to see these services?

Yes! You can watch live services on our website at www.stpetersphila.org/live.