Music at St. Peter’s Church opens hearts and minds to the transforming power of Christ’s love. We value music as a dynamic spiritual force that enriches the lives of parishioners and visitors alike. We reach through the universal language of music to our neighborhood and the broader community.

"Music hits me so directly in my emotions that I believe it is one way that God calls to me. Music at St. Peter’s is wonderful. It gathers me in to the worship service. When I walk up to take communion and pass between the choir members as they sing, I feel that I am about as close to Heaven as I can be on this earth."

St. Peter's Choir

We welcome all to sing, play and enjoy making music to the glory of God. The St. Peter’s choir includes men and women of all ages. They sing under the direction of Interim Music Director Dr. Derrick Thompson; the choir rehearses Sunday mornings and sings at worship services.

E.M. Skinner Organ

St. Peter’s E.M. Skinner Organ was made by Boston’s celebrated Skinner Organ Company, then as now generally considered the finest organ-building firm of their day. The organ’s 2,565 pipes have supported the worship services in this historic church for ninety years. Affectionately dubbed “Margie” by the musicians who have sat at the console, Opus 862 (as the builder called her) has long been the musical soul of St. Peter’s Church.

Bells & Bell Tower

St. Peter’s eight bells were cast by the Whitechapel Foundry in London, and the peal of bells is played uniquely – by ropes instead of levers. The bells actually have “written” music on ancient bell cards where hymns have been transcribed. Today the bells continue to be rung after, and sometimes before each service on Sundays and special days. It astounding that the bells are rung as they were 175 years ago, by one person, using ropes attached to the clapper for each bell.