Parking is available on Sundays in the church’s parking lot at 315 Lombard Street. Churchgoers are welcome to park there during worship services. The parking lot is locked Sunday afternoons, so remember to move your car out of the lot after worship! SEPTA bus routes 12, 40, and 57 make stops at St. Peter’s.

The main entrance to the church is located through the gate along Pine Street. You are welcome to lock your bike to the wrought iron fence adjacent to the church. Please bring strollers into the church and ushers will assist you.

Our church has an unusual arrangement. During the first half the service—the readings and sermon—please face the pulpit. During the second portion—Communion—please face the altar.

The original high-backed box pews were designed to retain heat in winter. With the advent of central heating, many churches removed their box pews, but since St. Peter’s services are conducted at both ends of the church, the original arrangement has been kept.

We encourage children to participate fully in our worship. God put the wiggle in children. Don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house! Let your child use the floor and benches of the box as their own area. Standing on the benches allows children to see what is going on.

Click here to learn more about our Children & Family Service and other ways children can engage with St. Peter’s Church.

Everyone. Communion is offered at all three services at St. Peter’s Church each Sunday. This is the Lord’s supper; God’s feast for all of God’s people. There is always an abundance here and there is a place for you.

When you come to the altar, kneel or stand as you prefer. To receive the bread, cup your hands and place one hand over the other. When the cup is presented to you, guide the cup to your lips and sip.

If you wish to receive a blessing instead of the bread or wine, you are welcome; come forward and cross your arms across your chest. If you are allergic to wheat flour please notify the priest. We have a wheat free/gluten free alternative available.

Some parishioners here dress up for church services, others are casual. Dress as you are comfortable.

No. Our parishioners come from a variety of faith traditions and have found a home here.

Occasionally, St. Peter’s hosts Welcome Coffee & Conversation, an opportunity for us to get to know one another. If you are considering making St. Peter’s your church home, we invite you to attend! Please email Parish Administrator Kate Randall at [email protected] to attend our next gathering.