The Rev. Claire Nevin-Field, Rector

I have had a lifelong fascination with Jesus and find following him to be: joyful, puzzling, funny, frustrating, humbling, deeply engaging, and life giving. Believing that Anne Lamott was right when she called laughter “carbonated holiness”, I love to laugh and find much humor and joy in life—and in church.

I was born in the northeast of England, and I’m delighted that my path has led me to Philadelphia and to St. Peter’s Church. In addition to being rector here, I am also a former nurse midwife and a mother of two daughters, Rachel and Ellie. My husband, Andrew, and I (and our three cats, Shakespeare, Hero, and Little Bits, and dog, Harriet) live near the church in Queen Village.

A lifelong Episcopalian, I love the beauty of worship at St. Peter’s (including the holy chaos that is the children’s and family service), and the Episcopal emphasis on “seeking and serving Christ in all people”, on being the hands and heart of Jesus for the world. I am especially passionate about Creation theology, the idea that all that exists is an expression of God’s own life, that we were created to be in relationship with all of God’s Creation, and the implications that idea has for how we live in this world.

I extend a warm invitation to you and your family to visit St. Peter’s for a Sunday service. Let us walk with you on your journey of faith.

The Rev. Sarah Hedgis, Associate Rector

I am a native of rural North Georgia and the oldest of four children, which means I use “y’all” and my big sister tendencies run deep. I was raised in the United Methodist Church, so I love hymn sings and rowdy sermons. From an early age, I felt a call to ministry, but a lot of people told me, quickly and definitely: girls do not grow up to be pastors. However, despite many naysayers, my pastor nurtured my sense of call. His encouragement strengthened me and changed my life.

For seminary, I went to Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, and a few years later I completed a Diploma in Anglican Studies from the General Theological Seminary in New York City. I am married to Roger, a fourth generation Philadelphian, and we have a wonderful and eccentric dog named Summah.

As a priest, I feel most drawn to empowering people to express their gifts, in church and in life. I love finding ways to reclaim the Bible with joy and integrity, especially the psalms. I am committed to dismantling white supremacy—our country’s most overlooked and excused sin.

We are not perfect. We are complicated people with messy lives. But we seek to ground our messy lives in Christ’s presence and his call to love God and love our neighbor (and even love ourselves). We welcome, discern, pray, laugh, cry, serve, forgive, advocate, heal, gather, worship, and celebrate, as we walk this journey of faith together.



Joe and his husband Phillip Bennett have been actively involved in the life of St. Peter’s for over 20 years. A former Jesuit priest, now an Episcopal priest, Joe is a psychologist in private practice. He also assists at St. Gabriel’s Church in Philadelphia and St. Mary’s Church in Ardmore.


Darryl is the Director of Music and Organist at St. Peter’s, as well as Artistic Director of the children’s Chorister Academy. He previously worked at Saint Mark’s Church and Saint James School in Philadelphia; Saint Peter’s Church, Morristown, New Jersey; and the Cathedral Church of Saint John and Cathedral Choir School of Delaware.

Parish Administrator

Kate has been parish administrator at St Peter’s since 1997. She and her husband, Mark, were introduced to St. Peter’s earlier in that decade when their son, Clint, started singing in the choir. She lives in Center City and has – for no apparent reason in retrospect – a master’s degree in history from Duquesne University.


Lauri manages the church website, email communications, graphic design, and fundraising. She and her husband, Chris, have been members of St. Peter’s since 2009, and have three children, Eva, Benjamin, and Claire.  


Bailey grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and moved to Philadelphia in 2018 to earn their Master’s degree in Museum Education from University of the Arts. They are passionate about community service, accessibility, and public programming. In their free time, Bailey enjoys reading, painting, and rock climbing. 



Danielle grew up as a pastor’s kid in the Lutheran Church, where her love of music blossomed. She is an actor, primarily focusing on Theatre for Young Audiences, and has performed all over the US and Canada. She has taught early childhood development classes in New York City, and has also worked as a teaching artist in both NYC and Philadelphia.



Mary is a CPA who has had her own accounting practice in Philadelphia since 2007. A native of Delaware, she received her B.S. in accounting from the University of Delaware. Mary provides her clients, primarily non-profits, with accounting, financial reporting and bookkeeping services. She lives in Center City and has one son who lives near Atlanta.



William was born and raised in the Philippines. After obtaining a degree in Psychology, he moved to the United States to pursue music degrees at Indiana University. He has an active career as a musician—singing for various professional choral groups and opera productions in the region.

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