Seeking this Lent

This Lenten season, we will read many stories of Jesus encountering people who are seeking: a new beginning, a different life, a deeper faith. In these interactions, an unveiling often occurs—assumptions are disrupted, a new perspective is revealed, mystery grows. And so, we’ve crafted a Lenten series founded on questions. Many of our weekly questions […]

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How to Use Zoom

St. Peter’s is using Zoom video conferencing to stay connected and meet in small groups. Are you having trouble using Zoom, or are you wondering how to use it? Step 1: Download Zoom by clicking this https://zoom.us/download For iPhones – the link will take you to the App Store, just tap on “Get” or the cloud symbol with a downward arrow.  For Android

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St. Peter’s in the Midst of the Yellow Fever Epidemic

This special post was written by Libby Browne, a parishioner and historian at St. Peter’s Church. My daughter Katrina and I participated in the streamed March 22, 11 a.m. service at her house in Washington, DC, where I am staying. When it was over, she wondered what St. Peter’s would have been like during the

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