During the season of Lent—the 40-day period from Ash Wednesday until Easter—you are invited to pray and meditate through the Stations of the Cross. Each station recalls an event at the end of Jesus’ life, from his condemnation to his burial.

The artwork and prayers by artist Mary Button lift up images and stories of hope, resiliency, and relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic. The stations feature the dedicated work of healthcare, sanitation, and mortuary workers in moments of tenderness in the face of disease and death. We hope that in telling and sharing our stories, we begin to heal from our collective trauma and preserve moments of hope and resiliency for generations to come.

Each station is paired with stanzas from Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope is the thing with feathers.” Dickinson was a deeply compassionate and introspective writer who created beauty out of isolation.

These Stations of the Cross are also displayed at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church along Pine Street between Third and Fourth Streets during Lent 2021. All are welcome to come and experience these stations. To do our part in stopping COVID-19, we ask that all visitors wear a mask and maintain social distancing of 6 feet. 

This powerful series was created by artist Mary Button.