In the summer of 2019, Rev. Claire Nevin-Field led group on a pilgrimage to Northern Britain, walking in the footsteps of the great saints who brought Christianity to the region. Stops will include the ancient island of Iona, Melrose Abbey, Lindisfarne (the Holy Island), and the great Cathedral City of Durham. Below are photographs and reflections during the pilgrimage.

Photos from the Pilgrimage

Here are some photographs from the pilgrimage to Northern Britain:  

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Greetings from Melrose

Tuesday began with an early breakfast and the ferry off Iona a little before 9 o’clock. The memory of evening prayer at the Abbey was …

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One in the Spirit

Today marks one week since we all joined together in Glasgow to begin our pilgrimage. Our group of twelve

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Saying “Thank You” and “Wow”

What the pilgrims saw and experienced on our last day on Iona, causing us to say “thank you” and “wow” 

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The Beauty of Creation

Today was a day devoted to the sea – as is often the case when living on an island.  In the morning our intrepid scout, …

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The Long Travel to Iona

It takes a long time to get to Iona from Philadelphia. You either fly to London and take the train north to Glasgow or you …

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Day One of the Pilgrimage

After months of planning and preparation, it is finally here. The pilgrimage begins this evening in Glasgow as the group gathers for dinner, then tomorrow, …

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