Food Insecurity

This month, the St. Peter’s Social Justice Discernment Group has elected to lift up the challenges felt by 30% or more of Philadelphians struggling to feed themselves and their families.  In March, SNAP benefits were cut, removing the emergency boost many families had been receiving since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This means that

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Chinatown Arena

This month, the St. Peter’s Social Justice Discernment Group has chosen to address the specific issue of the Chinatown arena within the larger context of the chronic struggle of our marginalized communities, often communities of color, to maintain their integrity and stability in the face of development. The articles and videos included here present an

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Stations in the Street

This Lent, we have installed outdoor Stations of the Cross along Pine Street, between Third & Fourth Streets. All are invited to pray and meditate as you journey with Jesus from his condemnation by Pilate to his crucifixion and burial. The images for the stations this year were created by artist Scott Erickson, and each is accompanied

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Seeking this Lent

This Lenten season, we will read many stories of Jesus encountering people who are seeking: a new beginning, a different life, a deeper faith. In these interactions, an unveiling often occurs—assumptions are disrupted, a new perspective is revealed, mystery grows. And so, we’ve crafted a Lenten series founded on questions. Many of our weekly questions

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