Food Insecurity

This month, the St. Peter’s Social Justice Discernment Group has elected to lift up the challenges felt by 30% or more of Philadelphians struggling to feed themselves and their families.  In March, SNAP benefits were cut, removing the emergency boost many families had been receiving since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This means that the 30% or more of city residents currently on SNAP are now receiving $90-$95/month less than for the past few years, at a time when food prices are rapidly increasing, especially for basic items like eggs, milk, and bread.

The links to articles below provide in-depth information about both the current crisis as well as about the more intractable problems of food insecurity, which impact the health, ability to learn, and the overall outlook of children and families who are food insecure.  It is our hope that through conversation and study we at St. Peter’s can become better informed about the problems of food insecurity in Philadelphia and discuss what steps we may be able to take to work toward sustainable solutions.  You have responded to our call for resources to support the St. Peter’s Food Cupboard, for which we are so grateful!  We believe this is important work that is helping people, and we are hopeful that together we will be able to do even more!