Eco Committee Celebrates 9 Month Anniversary

What does living sustainably mean to you? Your neighbor? Our congregation? Philadelphia? The US? The world? For St. Peter’s EcoCommittee it means we strive to, through leadership, action and education, demonstrate care and reverence for God’s Creation. The EcoCommittee was established last October and since then has been hard at work developing a vision and […]

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Green Pawprints: Ecotips for Pet Owners

Purchase pet products wisely: Just as you try to avoid toxic plastics, flame retardants and noxious household chemicals for the sake of your own health, you should also consider your pet’s health when purchasing toys, bedding and grooming products. Read labels! Buy organic bedding, and choose toys, collars and leashes made from natural materials or plastics that do not

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Green Beginnings

Bring your own shopping bags. Plastic bags are the second most prevalent form of litter after cigarette butts, and over 4 billion bags get caught by the wind and end up clogging storm drains and littering our forests, rivers, lakes, beaches and oceans every year. Plastic bags are also known to kill over a million birds and hundreds of thousands of sea turtles,

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