Lent Madness

keep-calm-and-let-the-madness-begin-1-257x300For the past few years one particularly fun (!) Lenten discipline available to anyone courtesy of Episcopal priests Scott Gunn and Tim Schenk is Lent Madness. Very loosely based on the popular basketball “March Madness”, Lent Madness consists of a bracket of saints who square off against each other in daily match-ups, with the goal of winning the Golden Halo at the end of Lent. Each day you can go to the Lent Madness site and vote for one of the two saints described there. Whichever saint wins the day advances to the next round until there is only one left, wearing the halo. This is a fun way to learn about well known and lesser known saints of the Church, to see how they lived out their faith, and perhaps to be inspired to imitate them.