An Update on our Children’s Programs

On January 17, a group of parents came together to discuss the future of our children’s programming at St. Peter’s. So many wonderful possibilities were shared during that conversation, and we’re now beginning the process of trying out some of these new ideas. While there’s more to come in the near future, here are some changes that are happening now…

1. We’re expanding and enriching our beloved Children’s Service and making a good thing even better. We’ll be trying out new ways of sharing Bible stories, new ways of praying together, new ways to sing and move, and new ways of fully engaging everyone’s heads, hearts, and hands in the experience of worship. The service will also grow in length to be about 45 minutes long. Got some ideas for this service or want to share your talents with our children? Please be in touch!

2. We’re trying out special events! We’ll be having a fun event for children and families (and sometimes include other grown-ups, too) on the second Sunday of each month at 10 am. On February 14, we’re planning an intergenerational event to kick-off the Lenten season, and we hope you’ll be there. The All Ages Lent Event will include a funny skit by our resident acting troupe, good conversation about how to practice Lent (can it be more meaningful than just giving up sweets?), and a craft project to help us more mindfully observe Lent at home.

3. Godly Play will now be offered most Sundays at 10 a.m. (at St. Peter’s School) and every Sunday at 11 a.m. (in the Tower Room during the service) for children of all ages. [Special events for children and families, to be announced, will occasionally replace the 10 a.m. Godly Play offering.] All children are invited to come experience Godly Play, and parents are always welcome to stay in the classroom with their children. Godly Play uses creative storytelling to engage children experientially in the Biblical narrative and to evoke their curiosity about God. Parishioner Sue Mooney is our Godly Play storyteller, and she looks forward to meeting your children soon!

For the 10 a.m. session, please note that children are welcome to come and play beginning at 9:45. The story will officially begin at 10 and will be followed by more time for play and exploration until 10:50.