Kat Dunne’s faith story

kat dunne

Kat Dunne was raised in the Mormon faith and then gradually withdrew from the church. She found her faith rejuvenated in the Episcopal church and at St. Peter’s. This is Kat’s story in her own words …

Like most people, my faith started with my parents. I was born and baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by parents who believed in the importance of our Mormon faith.

A significant part of my childhood revolved around the teachings and traditions of the Mormon faith.  My family and I marked major milestones with Mormon rituals such as baptisms at age eight; a Temple marriage where couples pledge fidelity for this life and beyond; and a mission to spread the Gospel of a loving heavenly Father.

My Mormon faith provided a loving community and a thoughtful plan of salvation that gave purpose to my life.

As I grew older my faith and relationship with God became strained. The regimented plan for my spiritual life left no room for the changes that were occurring in my family life.

My Parents unresolved domestic issues ultimately led to an acrimonious divorce. This traumatic event destroyed our family life and tore apart my spiritual life as families are forever in the Mormon faith.

At age 16, I realized that this structured spiritual plan for salvation was not going to work and I gradually withdrew from the church and my relationship with God.

As several years passed, I attempted to fill the spiritual void in life by keeping myself busy.  I worked hard to obtain a dance scholarship to attend Boston College.

I trained and completed my first Marathon and I was beginning an amazing relationship with my boyfriend but with all my successful accomplishments something appeared to be missing and I felt depressed.

I dearly missed the lasting happiness I once had as a child knowing God’s love. This longing motivated me to re-discover my faith.

As I explored different houses of worship, I stumbled across The Cathedral Church of St. Paul along the Boston Commons.  I still vividly recall the first time that I witnessed a service outside in the park. Just imagine 50 people from different walks of life holding hands in a circle, participating in the liturgy, and sharing a meal afterwards. This truly embodied the transformative power of God’s love.

I had an epiphany that day and I found my faith rejuvenated in the Episcopal Church.

Fast forward to St. Peter’s and I am grateful for the loving community and abundance that we are able to share through the St. Peter’s Food Cupboard. Serving in the Food Cupboard has allowed me to witness the transformative power of God’s LOVE and continually renews my faith each week.

I am very blessed to be part of the St. Peter’s community where I have been able to explore my faith and restore a loving relationship with my heavenly father.