Let’s Read the Bible this Summer

75000The Bible is Christianity’s foundational text, and yet many of us are not as familiar with it as we would like to be. This summer, you are invited and encouraged to change that by participating in the St. Peter’s Bible Challenge. Starting June 1st and ending August 28th, we will read the whole Bible, cover-to-cover. Though this may sound intimidating, it breaks down to just 12 pages per day for 90 days. You will find that reading the stories that make up the Great Story of human relationship with God in one sweep is a very different experience than hearing small excerpts on Sunday mornings in church. Those who participated in this challenge in 2011 often talk about how much it has impacted their faith and deepened their engagement in church. In short, participating in the Bible Challenge can be a source of spiritual transformation!

Each week you can join Sean or Claire or a guest leader for an optional (but recommended) discussion group to support your reading. We’ll talk about what we read during the preceding week and provide some orientation for the week ahead. Groups will meet at St. Peter’s School on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. (from June 5-August 28) and in the parlor of 313 Pine Street on Tuesday mornings at 7:45 a.m. (from June 7-August 30).

We encourage you to buy the “Bible in 90 Days” version of the Bible (available at Head House Books or on Amazon) so that we will all, quite literally, be on the same page. The “Bible in 90 Days” version marks each day’s readings for you, making it easy to find your place and stay on track. If you wish, however, you may use another version of the Bible; we’ll provide a list of each day’s starting and stopping points. In addition, for those who crave contextual information, we highly recommend purchasing “A Beginner’s Guide to the Books of the Bible,” also available at Head House Books or on Amazon. It offers a 1-3 page overview of each of the books of the Bible.

To sign up for the Bible Challenge, please click here! We look forward to reading the Bible with you this summer!