Children & Family Service

There will be no Children & Family service on December 1, 22, and 29. Children are always welcome at regular worship services at 9 & 11 a.m. in the church.

Every Sunday at 9 a.m., we gather together to sing, to hear God’s word, to pray, and to share Holy Communion. Our Family Service is a lively and informal service popular with children up to age 6 and their families.

By actively participating in all parts of the service, kids feel welcomed, nurtured, and important! After the service, all are welcome to enjoy snacks & drinks and get to know one another.

The Family Service is held in the second-floor auditorium of St. Peter’s School at 319 Lombard Street, adjacent to the church. The entrance to the school is in the parking lot off Lombard Street.

``The Children’s service, with its singing and story-telling, may be directed at the young, but it has renewed and strengthened my own faith in ways that I couldn’t possibly imagine. To see Reverend Claire behind a table lined with children, who had just heard stories of God’s love, holding up her hands blessing the Eucharist, and then glance over and see your daughter, kneeling and, following Claire’s lead, raising her hands up to God as well, transforms one's faith. And it confirms that St. Peter’s is our family’s spiritual home.``

Testimonial Lathrop Nelson
Lathrop Nelson
parishioner and father of three