God Created All

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. (Psalm 24:1)

Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day, and while that is not on the official Church calendar, the idea behind it is all over the Bible and an integral part of Christian theology. We believe that God created all that exists and declared it to be good—the human and the non-human. All of Creation is an expression of God’s creative energy—God’s joy bubbling out of the Divine and into the world. All of Creation expresses something of God’s own being, God’s own life.

We, therefore, are called to celebrate, care for, and love all that God has created and called good. We set aside time to do this during our fall Creation Season, but we will take a pause this Sunday to recognize Earth Day, to recognize that the earth is indeed the Lord’s. During our [email protected] adult forum, St. Peter’s Eco Committee will present on their work and during the service we will spend a little time outdoors, rooting ourselves in the particular part of God’s Creation that is at Third and Pine Streets.

I invite you to come, learn, and worship—raising your voice with all Creation as we sing to God who created us, redeemed us, and loves us now and eternally.

In Christ,

What is happening on Earth Day at St. Peter’s:

  • [email protected] Celebrating Earth Day: Join the St. Peter’s Eco Committee to celebrate Earth Day and St. Peter’s growing commitment to sustainability. The Eco Committee, led by parishioner Amy Cornelius (owner of Green Beams, a local sustainability consultancy) will present an overview of some major global environmental issues—including climate change, air and water pollution, and environmental equity—and will make them locally relevant to our lives in Philadelphia and as members of St. Peter’s. We will gather in the St. Peter’s School auditorium.
  • Zero Waste Coffee Hour:  St. Peter’s will “green” its coffee hour this Sunday with compostable cups, stirrers, and napkins. We will send nothing to the landfill. Please dispose of these items and food waste in the compost bins.
  • EcoTips blog:  You might have noticed our EcoTips at the bottom of the announcement page in your Sunday bulletin each week. These tips, in a longer version, appear on our EcoTips blog on our website at www.stpetersphila.org/ecotips.