A Season of Simplicity

Jesus, the One we name as Christ, was profoundly counter-cultural. In a world wracked by violence and injustice, Jesus preached and lived peace, justice, and love. And while we, the church, have not always lived the way Christ did, at our best we are counter-cultural, channeling the peace, justice, love, and hope of Christ.

In this season of Advent, when consumerism is at peak frenzy, the church lives a season of simplicity, simplifying worship and song. In a season of noise, the church lives a season of quietness, reflection—a season of preparation of the soul. In a season of anxiety, the church lives a season of hope—bringing greens into the church to symbolize that life always goes on. In a season of shortened days and darkness, the church lives a season of light—lighting candles on the Advent wreath for peace, joy, hope, and love.

I invite you into this quiet, gentle, hopeful season of preparation. Join us in worship as we hear the stories of preparation—of God’s salvation from the beginning to the birth of Jesus. Join us as we prepare ourselves to become, with Mary, bearers of God. Those who bring light, justice, peace, and hope to a world in need of love.

I wish each of you the quiet hope of Advent and a Christmas filled with joy.
In Christ,