Music Search Committee Update

The music search committee (Claire Nevin-Field, Lathrop Nelson, Peggy Hatch, Andrew Westerhaus, Kate Julyan, and Barbara Elliott) have been working to develop a music case statement-a vision for music ministry at St. Peter’s. This vision was developed from conversations with parishioners at our Way Forward meetings and with the choirs (and choir parents). The statement has been approved by the vestry. Using this vision for music ministry, we are now working on a job description which we hope to have complete and posted by the end of March. We will then spend time screening resumes, interviewing candidates, and ultimately making a recommendation to Ledlie. While we hope to have someone in place over the summer, there are still many steps to take and we will take the time we need in order to find the person who is the best fit for us. If you have questions or comments please contact any member of the committee.

2 thoughts on “Music Search Committee Update”

  1. Gretchen Cowell

    Dear Search Committee Members:

    I know yu herd this at some meetings, but I want to reiterate how much I want, and I know a number of others want, a music director who engages the congregation and supports the singing of the congregation. Sometimes I think the congregation at St. Peter’s is simply an audience for the choir as far as music is concerned, and that seems fundamentally wrong to me.

    1. Claire Nevin-Field

      Hi Gretchen, Thank you so much for leaving a comment. We did indeed hear that at several meetings and know that this is an important aspect of music ministry at St. Peter’s. We will definitely be looking for someone who can support and engage the congregation in its music making.
      I invite you to continue leaving comments as you see fit or to contact any member of the search committee with concerns or questions.

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