Call for Vestry Nominations

This post was contributed by Jacqueline Lewis, member of the St. Peter’s Vestry.

In January I will be stepping down from the vestry after 2 terms. Six years of service, laughs, stewardship, triumphs and travails. (New roof, anybody?) A good portion of that time I also served as your Accounting Warden, fretting about budgets and resource allocation on your behalf. Before that I chaired several Stewardship Campaigns. So believe me when I tell you, St. Peter’s is a singular place, filled with freakishly talented folk who seem always to be in high spirits. Thanks to you, St. Peter’s itself is in fine fettle. The deep talent pool of our parish is matched only by the generosity with which each of you share your time and money. You never cease to amaze and delight me.

The Vestry nominating committee will now reach deep into that talented pool to fill the two open vestry seats. As we plan The Way Forward, we especially welcome vestry candidates with legal or financial expertise. Moved to serve? Would you care to nominate a fellow parishioner? Please let Greg Duffy or me know. And if approached to stand for Vestry? Please give it your generous and prayerful consideration. It’s not always an easy job. But I promise you it is a worthy and transformative one. Thank you for your many kindnesses along the way. You are great and I am grateful. Please ring me if you have questions about vestry service, the nominating process, or  just want to bend my ear. 203.675.4095 or via email [email protected].