A New Day with New Experiences

Tuesday, August 8, was our second day “on duty” at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Since the choir has mornings and evenings free, you can find many of us walking on the sidewalks, eating in local pubs and restaurants, visiting palaces and galleries and other attractions, and riding London’s buses and
underground. London has so much to see and do, and we’re trying to see and do as much as we possibly can!

Dr. Roland had arranged a very special musical treat for us today: He invited Barry Rose, well-known Anglican music composer and organist, to lead our music at Evensong. Barry served as Master of the Choir at St. Paul’s and directed the music for the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He also has a long-time relationship with the Choir of St. Peter’s, and we have sung many of his compositions.

In addition to sharing some musical tips about singing in the cathedral, Barry also taught us how to properly pronounce “shawms” (from the Coverdale translation of Psalm 98:7) and the meaning of the
Old English words “Holden” (from the Magnificat) and “quicken” (from the Apostles Creed). With his wit and charm, he also reminded us to brighten up and show joy in our singing.

Our groupies once again applauded us as we exited the cathedral, and they post accolades on Facebook. We’re very glad that they’re along for the moral support!

We sing Evensong on Wednesday, then we’ll have our “day off” (no Evensong), which we’ll need. Most
of us aren’t used to singing this much every day! Thursday’s activities include a trip to Hampton Court,
Henry VIII’s favorite palace.

Our music for Wednesday:
Psalm 102:15-28 [https://bible.oremus.org/?ql=369178751]
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis by Vernon Williams
Anthem, “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” by Edward C. Bairstow

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