Music Notes: March

First, let me again say thank you for such a lovely welcome to the Saint Peter’s community! I have heard many stories about this parish’s hospitality, and I can now say I have experienced it first hand! It has made this portion of my time away from Chicago most satisfying.

Second, it is clear to me that it is clear to YOU that the music program (choristers and adults) is a core ministry of Saint Peter’s Church. So many of you have volunteered to be that second person at chorister rehearsals, to be chorister walkers (even in bone chilling cold weather), to assist via the music committee, and to sing in the Adult Choir. It is the mark of a spiritually aware and mature congregation. I honor this congregational self-knowledge and encourage you, as a congregation, to hold fast to it. Music is core to the very life of this congregation.

As we move in our common journey through these days of Lent, with the expectation of the “sure and reasonable hope” found in Christ’s resurrection which we will celebrate on Easter, I encourage you to think about Saint Peter’s music program and how YOU might actually play an active part. Obviously, I have already mentioned some of the avenues for direct participation. I want to stress two, however: Saint Peter’s Choristers….if you are a parent with children who might participate next year, please be thinking about that participation NOW. As I learn how things work here, this message and invitation will be issued many more times in the coming months. And then the Adult Choir. this ensemble, which is an ensemble in its own right as well as the basis of support for the choristers, needs more participation with experienced choral singers…especially men, tenors and basses. We are simply spread way too thin in these sections…if one or two singers are absent, there is an unmistakable hole created in our sound.

I know there are many fine choral singers in this congregation who HAVE sung in the Adult Choir in previous years, and I know that there are many who have NOT sung in the Adult Choir…NOW would be a great time to join our ranks….our ranks need you. If you are interested (sopranos and altos too!) in knowing more about this opportunity to serve Saint Peter’s through singing, please contact me in the music office at your earliest convenience! We need YOU!

Lastly, during Lent, as I mentioned last week, the organ will play a decidedly lesser role (it works now….), but important nonetheless. I encourage you to arrive perhaps five minutes earlier than normal to sit in the quiet beauty of Saint Peter’s and listen to the opening voluntary. Bryan (our assistant organist) and I are planning music that will provide for space and meditation prior to our liturgy. Take advantage of it….sit, be still, be open….you might just be surprised at what happens to your spirit.

Blessings to you all,

Bruce Barber
Interim Director of Music and Organist

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  1. Good luck, Bruce. One of these Sundays I hope to come in to a service, from out here in the boondocks of Lancaster County.

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