9 thoughts on “Listen to the St. Peter’s Choir in London”

  1. Paula Pugh Romanaux DMA PhD

    Beautiful singing St. Peter’s choir! So glad you sang the Vernon Williams Service in this magnificent Cathedral. My prayers and best wishes have been with you this week and during your months of preparation. Hannah Hopkins leaves tomorrow (Saturday) with her First Presbyterian choir for their residency at Truro Cathedral in Cornwall. The day after she returns she begins her new studies at the University for the Arts, Philadelphia. Love to you all.

  2. Fantastic -what a wonderful experience to sing in such a beautiful Cathedral Congratulations on a fine rendition of the Nunc Dimmitis.

  3. What a marvelous experience for ALL involved…those who sang, those who supported financially, the organist, the congregation they represented and all the relatives who wished they were seated in that gorgeous cathedral. Happy for all and can’t wait to hear about the experience first hand. Thanks for all those rehearsals and the God given talent you are using to bring a taste of heaven on earth!

  4. Wow! What glorious sound the St. Peter’s choir creates at St. Paul’s. Thank you for sharing.

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