Leave your stress, your phone, and your anxieties at the door and enter into the peaceful silence of St. Peter’s Church for Night Prayer, also known as Compline. This ancient service was traditionally sung by monks to mark the end of the day. Today at St. Peter’s Church, a small choir sings Night Prayer unseen from the church balcony in the candlelit sanctuary.

Compline is a half-hour of reflection and meditation—a place to be anonymous, where you can sit in stillness and let the stunningly beautiful sounds of Roman chant envelop you.

Come as you are—and make yourself comfortable. All are welcome to a time of peace and tranquility in an otherwise noisy world.

Listen to a recording of St. Peter’s Compline Choir:

Compline originated in southern Europe and the Middle East during the first 600 years of Christianity. In keeping with the earliest practices of the monastic communities, Compline is offered at the end of the day as the quietness of evening settles over the hearts and minds of those gathered.

People from all ages and walks of life have been drawn to Compline, especially in recent decades. Compline creates a feeling of spirituality that transcends religious faiths. All are welcome. Dress comfortably. Allow the ancient texts and chants to enfold you, and depart renewed and comforted.

As you enter St. Peter’s Church for Compline, you will find a quiet and darkened church lit by candles. You’re joining other people for silence and interior reflection, possibly the most powerful and moving characteristics of Compline. You can feel comfortable to make your own space without the distraction of greeters and conversation.

At the close of the half-hour service, the choir retires quietly and the people depart in silence just as they arrived.

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