The Rev. Claire Nevin-Field
The Rev. Claire Nevin-Field

The Rev. Claire Nevin-Field is the rector of St. Peter's Church.

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Music Search News

After a lot of listening to you, speaking with musicians, looking at best practices in other churches, and conversation within the committee, the Music Search committee developed a job description for the Director of Music...

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Music Search Committee Update

The music search committee (Claire Nevin-Field, Lathrop Nelson, Peggy Hatch, Andrew Westerhaus, Kate Julyan, and Barbara Elliott) have been working to develop a music case statement-a vision for music ministry at St. Peter’s. This vision...

Lent Madness
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Lent Madness

Lent Madness consists of a bracket of saints who square off against each other in daily match-ups. This is a fun way to learn about well known and lesser known saints of the Church, to...

February 20, 2015