One of the members of St. Peter’s Choir, Peggy Hatch, wrote this poem to commemorate the choir’s residency at St. Paul’s Cathedral in August 2017.

The Dean’s Aisle

by Peggy Hatch

We line up in the Dean’s Aisle.
Facing West in four quiet rows.
The velvet curtains drawn.

Rehearsals are finished.
The music, all carefully in order, waits for us on the desks in the Quire.
We straighten each other’s surplices.
A smile here. A smile there.
Quietly we wait.

At last, the Virgirs don their robes of black and red.
Their silver wands glisten in the light.
Clergy appear and prayers are said.
The first notes of the organ voluntary fills the air.
The curtains open.
The procession begins at a brisk pace.
And we enter this most holy and majestic space.

Glory be to God!


Written to commemorate
the St. Peter’s Church, Philadelphia, Choir Residency
at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London,
August 7-13, 2017



Lauri Cielo serves as the Director of Communications and Development at St. Peter's Church.

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