Walk With Us

Walk With Us

labryinthforwebSt. Peter’s has constructed a labyrinth in the churchyard, and all are welcome to walk the labyrinth for prayer and meditation during Lent.

What is a Labyrinth?  Walking a labyrinth is a form of meditation that has been practiced by nearly every religious tradition since ancient times. A labyrinth has a single, purposeful path that winds from the edge into the center. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is not a puzzle; it is a path to be walked.

Why Walk a Labyrinth?  Walking into a labyrinth is a symbol of entering into something, learning what there is to learn, and then moving on with life. A labyrinth walk is a spiritual and personal journey, and therefore it is a sacred path. Sometimes you may walk the labyrinth looking for an answer. Or you may walk simply to be open to what comes.

How Do I Walk a Labyrinth?  Pause at the threshold of the labyrinth. Let go of the details
of your life as you step into the path and move toward the center. Become aware of
opening your heart and quieting your mind. Let your body assume the pace it wants; become aware of your breathing. The center is a place and a time for illumination, meditation, and prayer. The process of retracing one’s steps to exit the labyrinth provides an opportunity to integrate your insights into your daily life.There can be a sense of union, clarity, strengthening, and healing in your relationship with God, self, and others… or just a sense of peace or joy.




Lauri Cielo serves as the Director of Communications and Development at St. Peter's Church.

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