International Partnership

Building relationships with Christians from other parts of the world is a vital way to expand and deepen our personal faith and our understanding of Christianity as a global religion. By forming intercultural relationships, we learn to see both what is universal about following Jesus as well as how Christian discipleship is practiced differently in diverse cultural contexts.

From 2005 through 2016, St. Peter’s had a partnership with The Canterbury School in Guatemala City, a school of 175 students enrolled from preschool through sixth grade, many of whom could not afford to attend school without our support. Each year we sent a group down to the school, to continue our friendship with the children and teachers and to complete a project to improve the school.

Service projects included the planting of more than 200 trees, painting the entire school (inside and out), planting a vegetable garden, updating old playground equipment, and funding a computer lab, audiovisual equipment, musical instruments, new bathrooms and new flooring, windows and electricity for its second floor classrooms.¬†As a result, the school’s enrollment grew significantly, and they are now able to be self-sufficient.

St. Peter’s is now in the process of finding a new partner community. We are seeking ideas and input from our parishioners and are looking forward to forging our next international partnership.