Hidden Nature Photo Exhibit

The beauty of nature isn’t only found in far-away places. It is right here, living beside us, in harmony with us. These photographs seek to show the surprising fragility, resilience and marvel of nature here in the City of Philadelphia.

This outdoor exhibit, which runs from October 7 through November 18, is installed along Pine Street between Third and Fourth Streets in Philadelphia. The 12 photographers featured here were selected from more than 140 entries. The exhibit is part of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church’s celebration of Creation Season, a time when we think about how we might live differently, or tread more lightly, upon our beautiful blue-green planet.

All are welcome to visit this free exhibit.

Sansom Trees / Catherine Gontarek
Silhouette / Valentina Sokolskaya
Penn's Landing / Gloria Whitney
Ivy / Konrad Jones
Radiance / Konrad Jones
Locked Out of History / Michael Marks
Ring in Spring / P. Richard Grove
All Hail the Queen / Lanis Rossi
Hidden Mt. Airy / Francesca Cantarini
Peeking Daffodil / Donald Hantula
Angel Vines / Ed Snyder
The Delaware Iced in Winter / Michael Silverman
  1. Sansom Trees / Catherine Gontarek:  “This photograph was taken in the parking lot at 24th and Sansom Streets. Sansom Street is my favorite street to walk through town. There are the busy blocks of restaurants and shops, and Jeweler’s Row, along with quieter blocks that feature back doors, alleys, parking lots, historical parks and gardens. A couple years ago I photographed my walking experience end to end, from the 100 block at Front St. to the parking lot at 24th St. As I walked through that lot to gain a view of the river, I was charmed by a row of leaning evergreens, growing in a narrow tree bed between the lot and an adjacent wall.” To contact Catherine, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.inliquid.org/artist/gontarek-catherine.
  2. Silhouette / Valentina Sokolskaya:  Photo taken at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge. To contact Valentina, visit www.sokolimages.com.
  3. Penn’s Landing / Gloria Whitney:  “This image was captured on a late August evening in 2016. I was taken by the hidden view of the tree in the window reflection; the shadow of the tree produced by the setting sun and the contrast of the organic tree against the metallic and industrial form of the Moshulu at Penn’s Landing Harbor.”  To contact Gloria, e-mail [email protected].
  4. Ivy / Konrad Jones:  The mural pictured in this photograph is located at Kingsessing Recreation Center, 4901 Kingsessing Avenue. The mural is titled “To Be Continued Part 1,” artists: Wade H. Williams and Sandra Murphy with the P.D.R. Mural Arts Program.
  5. Radiance / Konrad Jones:  This photo was taken at the Children’s Community School, 1212 South 47th Street, Philadelphia, Kingsessing. The building was once a church, dated 1892.
  6. Locked Out of History / Michael Marks
  7. Ring in Spring / P. Richard Grove:  “Taken Sat. April 16, 2016, from Chestnut Street in front of the Liberty Bell pavilion on Independence Park, Philadelphia, PA at 5:04 p.m.; The reflections are real, but the Liberty bell is hard to see unless you zoom closer.”
  8. All Hail to the Queen / Lanis Rossi:  “I took this photo at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge which is located in Philadelphia, PA. I often visit there looking to view and photograph wildlife so close to the big part of the city. I find it astounding sometimes that so much wildlife is present and located right here in Philadelphia. On the day I took the photograph of a female mallard duck surrounded by a swarm of adoring turtles, I was surprised to see what looked like a bunch of turtles paying homage to the queen duck, I thought it unusual and humorous at the same time. Hence my title “All Hail The Queen”. To contact Lanis, visit www.redbubble.com/people/lanrophot.
  9. Hidden Mt. Airy / Francesca Cantarini:  “I took this on Mother’s Day 2017 after having lunch at the Trolley Car Diner.  My girlfriend, and I, walked across the street and wandered around the grounds of the New Covenant Church of Philadelphia.  We found abandoned buildings from years ago covered with the lush spring vegetation.  We’re both fascinated by unique old architecture and this, to me, looked a like a little secret garden, so I snapped the shot.”
  10. Peeking Daffodil / Donald Hantula: “I shot this early Spring 2018, somewhere on Germantown Ave. The 2018 winter was terrible and I was desperately searching for signs of spring. Amid all of the brown and grey I was able to find some bits of color peeking out, a promise that warmer and brighter days may be on the way.” To contact Donald, e-mail [email protected].
  11. Angel Vines / Ed Snyder:  This photograph was taken in 2010 in Mount Vernon Cemetery, Ridge and Lehigh Avenues, Philadelphia. “As a nature photographer who moved from upstate New York to Philadelphia many years ago, I was stalled for years as I searched for new subjects. Compared to New York’s waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and sunsets, Philadelphia had concrete and steel. I eventually found a tremendous amount of nature in Philadelphia cemeteries and graveyards. Mt. Vernon Cemetery has no access at this point in time, as it closed and unmaintained. I’d visited it several times in the early 2000s, and found it to be the epitome of the Victorian garden cemetery. At this point in time, the grounds are mostly hidden by overgrowth, but through the fence in Lehigh Avenue, you can easily witness how nature seems to be taking back what is rightfully hers.” To contact Ed, visit www.edsnyderphoto.com or e-mail [email protected].
  12. The Delaware Iced in Winter / Michael Silverman:  To contact Michael, visit www.poliden.com.