Exploring the Faith

We know God better as we pray together, learn together, share together and serve together.

The following groups and workshops serve to inform people who may be exploring St. Peter’s and to help them along their journey of faith.

St. Peter’s Round Table

An informal introduction to life at St. Peter’s. The Round Table is a chance to meet with clergy and other seekers to learn what opportunities for learning, sharing and serving you can get involved in, and begin to get to know one another. This is offered quarterly at 12:30 pm and includes lunch. To register, or for more information, contact Kate Randall.

The Episcopal Way

What do Episcopalian believe about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? How do we view the Bible? How and why was the Episcopal Church formed? Why does our worship look the way it does? What is the Anglican Communion? These questions and more will be answered in The Episcopal Way. This class is intended for all who have questions and especially for those who wish to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. This class is offered 3 times a year either on Sunday mornings, when it is a 4 week format, or a weekday evening, when it is in a 2 week format. For more information contact Claire.

Foundations of Discipleship

This eight week, small group class invites you to explore fundamentals of Christian faith and consider new ways of putting your faith into practice. In the class we cover eight subjects: Faith, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Christian Discipline, the Bible, Prayer, and Eternal Life. During our eight sessions we will read the Bible together, discuss our own experience, and build a small group of twelve or so people who grow together in trust and fidelity. Led by both clergy and church members, the series is offered three times a year and meets from 10-10:50 am on Sunday mornings.

Gifts Discernment

Each of us has God-given gifts and talents, though sometimes we may not have identified them or know how to use them for the good of ourselves and the world. This three week worskhop will focus on uncovering our unique gifts and reflecting together on how we might use them. Led by clergy three times a year. To register, or for information, contact Claire.

Become a Member

In a special celebration three times year we welcome those who wish to become members of St. Peter’s. When the time feels right for you, we will be glad to welcome you!

Small Groups

A means of connecting with others through open dialogue about our faith journeys, through shared interests and through mutual and loving support. We encourage you to join one of these groups and explore your faith in a supportive environment.