Left to right: Bill Cass, Ben Houck, Hildegard Kent, Jim Keller, Jennifer Childs, Kat Dunne, Lisa Di Cicco, Michael Zullo, and Rick Fitzgerald. Not pictured: Vincent DiPentino, Dana Hall, and Samuel Reeves.

Bill Cass, Accounting Warden: [email protected]

Jennifer Childs: [email protected]

Lisa Di Cicco: [email protected]

Vincent DiPentino: [email protected]

Kat Dunne: [email protected]

Rick Fitzgerald, Rector’s Warden: [email protected]

Dana Hall: [email protected]

Ben Houck, Secretary: [email protected]

Jim Keller: [email protected]

Hildegard Kent: [email protected]

Samuel Reeves: [email protected]

Michael Zullo: [email protected]